Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A New Drug-Resistant Killer Yeast

From an article from ANH (Alliance for Natural Health)

The article is about an emerging strain of yeast (fugi): Candida auris, which has become drug-resistant.  This is in addition to another species which the CDC has been tracking called C. glabrata.  The referenced article has a good discussion about the spraying of fungicides on crops and the C. auris may be a new species - meaning very little is known about it.

But can it be ‘tamed’ by natural means?

By John W Jones, MD

Ultra 4x6 ProbioticsAs the article also points out, there are natural ‘treatments’ for yeast.  At the top of the ANH list is probiotics. 

Probiotics are very important because these organisms keep the Learn about Ultra Monolaurintotal GUT biota in healthy balance - good bacteria do keep the bad influences in check.  I highly recommend Ultra 4x6 Probiotics which contains 6 probiotic strains with a 4 billion potency.

I also recommend Ultra Monolaurin.  While there are no ‘studies’ to ‘prove’ it is effective against these particular strains, it has been proven to be effective against other strains of candida.  In particular, Ultra Monolaurin contains Monolaurin and its vital medium chain fatty acid  (MCFA)  companions; Monomyristin, Monocaprin and Monocaprylin.  They are all biologically active.  This makes Ultra Monolaurin

Caution: not all monolaurin contains all the MCFAs

There are also preventive measures you can consider.  As you know, I actively promote the Low Carbohydrate lifestyle.  One of the reasons this is an effective way to deal with yeast infections is that this diet deprives them of the sugar they so happily use to multiply and thrive. 

One huge advantage to this natural approach is that you do not promote the unintended consequence of drug-resistance tor the kinds of problems caused by yeast infections.

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