Saturday, April 30, 2016

Diabetes? No problem! Recommendations from John W Jones, MD

by John W Jones, MD
I have been a  medical doctor for over 50 years.   Besides my experience with patients, I also have a very strong family history of diabetes - and have been able to dodge it's negative impact on my life.  Ergo, I am well acquainted with the problems of Diabetes. 

I am not a fan of prescribing a drug to control blood sugar - unless more conservative measures fail - or unless the diagnosis is Type I Diabetes or advanced Type II.  

My recommendation for the first line of defense against Diabetes is low carbohydrate food choices.  I advise my patients to eat real (not processed and not GMO) high protein, low carbohydrate foods.   Fat is not a problem -but trans fats are to be avoided.   If they buy foods in cans or boxes patients should read labels carefully to determine carbohydrate content.  (not just calories).   A proper level of daily carbohydrate intake is 40 or 50 grams per day - and none of these carbs should come from high fructose corn syrup - actual sugar intake should be minimal.

The "side effects" of this dietary lifestyle include (but are not limited to)
  • more energy
  • less or no insulin, 
  • improved CV and other risk factors, 
  • it is easy to obtain and maintain your ideal body weight
    • proper carbohydrate restriction will result in weight loss
  • blood pressure can normalize
  • diabetic complication can be reduced (retinpathy, neuropathy, nephropahty,  atherosclerosis).
Everyone can maintain optimal health on the low carbohydrate lifestyle.

If you have Diabetes concerns, I provide natural alternatives for your consideration.  In addition, my Diabetes Protocol provides nutritional supplement recommendations proven to ....

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