Friday, June 10, 2016

You just need to eat right - part 2

A revolutionary Idea:

In the early 1980's, when I began selling nutritional supplements, I had the great fortune to hear Oscar Rasmussen PhD (in nutrition) lecture.  One of his presentations was on the subject of food choices.  Let me share this thought with you:

  • He said "Make a list of the foods you really like.  
  • Put a checkmark next to the ones you have every day."  
Did you make your list?  Did you put checkmarks?

To paraphrase Dr Rasmussen -  Chances are good that if you have health problems the source is in that list.    I am not a betting person, but I'd be willing to bet (a nickel) that your list is no longer than 10 or 15 foods.

What does that prove, you ask?  

We are creatures of habit.  We get so busy with what we have to get done each day that eating - food choices - devolves into 'habit'.


 A typical day's meals:

So we have the same things for breakfast - EVERY DAY.  What is yours?  Cereal (with milk, maybe fruit, maybe yogurt).  Or is your breakfast more elaborate? Bacon & Eggs, toast with butter & jelly (of course), coffee with milk & sugar.  Ah, hash brown potatoes.   I get it - you work hard at your job and need the fuel.

Lets look at lunch, then.  A hamburger (bun, meat, and condiments).  Or a sandwich.  French fries or chips, milk shake.  Or, if you are 'health conscious' (not) you have sugar free pop!

Forget lunch.  Dinner!  Steak (one of the meats), potatoes, a roll (with butter).  Maybe corn or another veggy.  What, eat a salad?  No way!.

How typical of your day are these food choices.  Where is the variety?  Where is a food that is not processed, (created by one of the 6 companies) or that is raw and Organic?

Oh, and we must not forget sugar-rich dessert!  Cake, cookies or pie - with ice cream?  Ah, yes - Obesity here we come.

Yet, if you think about your last visit to the market, you may remember that there were many fresh food choices.  More markets everywhere are making organic foods available.  How many different ones do you put in your cart?

And have you thought about what you can choose from at the fresh meat and seafood bar?

You could choose a different protein source (fish or meat) and different plant food (veggie) for EVERY meal for the coming 7 days of the week.  Ditto grains.  Ditto fruit.   Our ancestors never had it so good.

Another Challenge:

How long has it been since you have tried a NEW food - or one that you have not eaten in a long time?   Hmmm?

Many of my Facebook friends publish really great information on the value of different foods and herbs.  I love the recipes that appear, too.  If you introduce variety into your diet you will take advantage of the huge benefits from nutrients available by consuming different foods.

And remember what your grandmother used to tell you - Eat all things in moderation. 

Not gonna happen, you say!  We recognize that reality.

You are not like that, you say?

A number of years ago Dr Jones found statistics from nationwide food consumption studies conducted by the USDA.  They found that approximately 60% of the individuals surveyed were consuming only 70% of the daily minimum requirements of six essential nutrients.  Those surveyed were people who made an effort to eat (and thought they were eating) a balanced diet.  The deficient nutrients  were vitamin B6, folacin, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium.  There is no reason to believe this situation has improved.  In fact, it has more likely gotten worse.  For instance, it has been reported that GMO foods contain less nourishment than foods grown conventionally.

With these facts in mind, it is not likely that anyone is consuming an optimal supply of nutrients... without supplementation.   For this reason Dr Jones always recommends the multi vitamin which he formulated based upon research.   

Ultra Vites.  You won't find this formula in the big box stores.  It is rich in 25 of the nutrients you need every day - in a form that is readily available to your body.  And in a capsule form that doesn't go right-on-through to the septic tank like those one-a-day tablets that you body doesn't know what to do with.

What a simple way to cover your nutritional bases every day - while working to improve your eating habits.