Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Specials

Reviewed July 2016
'Tis the season we all wonder - "is is a cold or is it the flu?".   Back to school - Back to work - we bring home sniffles, sore throats, coughs, the wheezes and sneezes. 

The Back to School Specials are all about staying well.

There is a lot of concern right now about the hundreds of children who have been sent to hospitals with enterovirus ev-d68.  A nurse who was interviewed on TV was quoted as saying that the problems are respiratory, and that not every patient is being tested to determine the exact cause of the Upper Respiratory Infection (URI).  An important product for your defense is Ultra Monolaurin.  Many studies have shown that enveloped viruses, such as enteroviruses, are deactivated by monolaurin.  It is good to take Ultra Monolaurin daily while the infection is active around you.  That way the Monolaurin is available to fight off possible exposures.

Ultra Monolaurin is a 90% pure distillate of Coconut oil.  It has a proven track record helping you fight off virus infections (antibiotics don't work against viruses).  Ultra Elderberry has proven useful against Upper Respiratory infections (URIs) and the flu bug.  Ultra Chew C can be enjoyed any time any where.  PhytoBiotic is an herbal remedy that is used to amplify the effectiveness of Ultra Monolaurin and Ultra Elderberry Plus.

We are adding Licorice to the mix.  Licorice is used world wide to 'treat' coughs and colds.  People really appreciate how it melts sticky phlegm.  It helps bronchial problems, too. 

We also have recommendations for the use of Essential Oils (EO) for the cold and flu season.  You will really appreciate the relief you get from a soothing massage with one of our 90% pure and genuine Essential Oil blends.  Because they are readily absorbed through the skin (trans dermal) the effects are immediate.  Some people love to relieve their sinuses by inhaling the vapors of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Frankincense or one of the other soothing aromas.

How, you wonder? 

Place 5 to 8 drops of EO into a bowl of hot water. Sit comfortably, your face over the vapors with a large towel covering your head and the bowl. Remember to keep your eyes closed. When the water cools, rinse your face with cool water and apply a true floral water (hydrolat/hydrosol), hydrating toner, or soothing facial oil.
Using Essential Oils

You'll be breathing better and smiling in no time. 

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