Monday, October 12, 2015

Another way the Elderly are at risk

Support your Brain!

Reviewed July 2016

Dr Jones has often recommended Ultra Monolaurin for the elderly because it benefits the brain - especially when Type III diabetes, or the inability of the brain to use glucose, is a possibility.  Compromised use of glucose has been suggested in Alzheimers and Senile dementia.

Do Infections lead to falls?

A recent study suggested that infections may be a cause for the elderly falling down.  Falls often lead to a doctor or hospital visit due to the seriousness of the resultant injury.  Worse luck for the patient, the original problem often goes undiagnosed.

For years doctors have recommended monolaurin for viral and bacterial infections.  With this information there is an additional reason to take some Ultra Monolaurin daily - to prevent common infections.
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