Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Feminine Personal Hygiene Report

Reviewed July 2016
A very interesting email came across my screen referencing information from  

The email referenced a report called Chem Fatale.  It  discussed  the possibly toxic and/or allergy-causing chemicals contained in  products directed towards the personal hygiene of women. 

Specifically the report mentions Tampons, Pads, Feminine Wipes, Feminine Wash, Douche, Feminine Deodorant sprays, powders and suppositories, and Feminine Anti-Itch Creams.   Each item discussed carries a reference to hazardous ingredients which may be in (or part of) the product.

I asked Jean Bokelmann, a Medical Doctor with the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center (EIMC), what she thought about the information.    Here is her response: "I think the information is pretty legitimate.  I recommend organic cotton tampons or The Diva Cup®.  I've had some patients who made their own washable reusable pads.  The douching information is also good, but I think most women know douching is not generally healthy whereas the information about tampons is less well known.  It would be good to share."

You can learn more about Dr Bokelmann at  You can use this link to learn more about the many EIMC recommendations.

One of the areas of concern in the report has to do with the potential disruption of bacteria that normally inhabit a part of the body that is designed to be self-cleaning.

For the rest of the body we recommend any of our non-soap, non chemical-surfactant natural products.  For instance, we have three really great Body Washes that come with different essential oils.  They are called Calm (my favorite), Energize and Refresh.  We also have Sea Foam Body Wash.  All of these clean without stripping your skin's fragile moisture mantle while they nourish and condition the skin.

For concerns about yeast infections, Candida or problems such as Herpes, consider DermDefense Oil.  It has a special blend of ingredients to combat these kinds of problems and can be applied topically or used as recommended by a physician.  An additional product to help yeast infections is Ultra 4x6 Probiotic.  It has a 4 billion potency with 6 very important organisms to effectively combat these infections.  This effect is in addition to helping to restore normal flora in the GUT.

It is possible that some of the feminine hygiene products are irritating enough to cause Urinary Tract Infections - (UTIs).  We have products to help you solve these problems, also. 

PhytoBiotic, Ultra Monolaurin and Ultra Elderberry Plus are effective against all infections.  In addition, Cystitis/UTI infections respond well to BladrEase and d-Mannose.  That's in addition to the Ultra Monolaurin benefits.  Dr Bokelmann and Dr Jones recommend that you drink 100% pure cranberry juice.

Some women suffer from vaginal dryness and/or low libido (sexual desire) as a result of localized irritation or infection from the use of products which contain undesirable chemicals or fragrances.  Phyto-Amore oil and Phyto-Amore capsules can be a great help for these situations.  The oil can be used topically for sensual lubrication - and it makes for a great massage!

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