Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are You Prepared for Warm Weather Outdoor Activities?

Reviewed July 2016
by John W Jones, MD
I heard on the news that someone has offered a real arm for testing to see which insect repellents were most effective against mosquitoes - to give people protection against the Zika Virus, of course.  The only Essential Oil reported to be tested was Eucalyptus - and it was as effective as Deet.  For your summertime enjoyment we offer a suite of  products that are safe for kids, pets and for you. 

Pest Away Mist

Aromatic Pest-Away Suite

It is important to Keep the insects at bay - naturally.  As you know, it is much more difficult to have a fun time if you are bedeviled by buzzing and stinging insects.  These products are safe and effective for people and pets (you thought I would forget about your dog, didn’t you ...).  The pure Essential Oils in our Pest-Away products naturally repel insects.  Besides Eucalyptus we include Lemongrass, Citronella, CedarWood and a host of other 100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oils.

You may have used a citronella candle to repel insects for your outdoor gathering.  As an alternative, the Pure Essential Oil of Citronella can also be used as a highly effective bug repellent against most all crawling and flying varieties of pests.  Used as a spritzer or diluted in lotion, it is generally safe to use on or near horses, dogs, and other domestic animals or livestock - and it is safe for human use.
Outdoor activities

Special Products help you really enjoy the outdoors

Hey - are you troubled by Wasps nesting nearby?  I found this neat trick:
Mix vinegar & water in a spray bottle - add peppermint & lemongrass + clove.  Add 1 drop dove soap.  Spray!  Check out all our Pure Essential Oils.

The Lure of the Outdoors

Your weather may be warmer than usual, or colder than usual - or your weather may be normal   But there is no doubt that we are all are thinking about spring and looking forward to summer. 

We are feeling the lure of outside activities such as fishing, camping, boating, jogging -  and the many other activities which we know and love.  Along with these wonderful pastimes we also have memories of the other things that go along with these wonderful pastimes.  Like the spill you took on your bike - or the bruises you had from falling in the stream while fly fishing.  Yes, we all remember the bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, abrasions, and burns that go along with enjoying being active after winter kept us trapped indoors.

We also remember insect bites and burns.  I am sure that those of

you who are avid fishermen have dealt with mosquitoes larger than the fly or lure you used to attract those big ones.  And who can forget the thrill of picking up a hot skillet from the campfire without thinking?   Or how about that unexpected sunburn - or windburn?  You want simple, natural remedies to deal with these minor annoyances - because you can’t let them interfere with your planned activities!

Opti-MSM Lotion Plus

MSM Lotion plus Arnica and Essential Oils is a great way to relieve the pain and discomfort of the sorts of mishaps that often occur while we are enjoying the outdoors..  It acts quickly - within a few minutes after applying the lotion your pain is gone.  This lotion has an added benefit - it promotes rapid healing, and can be reapplied as needed for prolonged relief.  It is also great for relief of strains, sprains, bruising, and abrasions.  You will want it in your pocket, hiking pack, tackle box, boat and any other place where you might be when you need it.

Yucca - a 100% Drug-FREE  herbal remedy

In the event you are hurting and might be inclined to reach for an NSAID (Motrin) or Tylenol - do hesitate.  These OTC pain medications have documented very bad side effects.  Consider Yucca instead.  Yucca has been a staple food of the southwest Indians for centuries.  It has an amazing side effect - it relieves pain as effectively as either one these drugs - with health benefits rather than adverse side effects.  Use two capsules three or four times daily (as needed) for pain.  Opti-MSM Lotion Plus and Yucca are a great team to use when minor accidents happen.  They can often save an outing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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