Saturday, August 5, 2017

No More FISHY Burps!

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We have known for years about the effectiveness and necessity for fish oil.  Especially the oily, deep cold water fish.  Dr Jones has had excellent patient response from Ultra Omega-Linic - especially his patients with Arthritis.  This is his latest version of his previously popular product, Samolinic.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are, well, essential (because the body has to have them and they cannot be made from anything else you eat).

FACT: We use Wild Alaskan Salmon from protected American fisheries.
  • high EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is heart healthy
  • high DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) supports your brain
FACT: Black Currant seed oil provides GLA - an omega 6 essential fatty acid that is missing from our Western diets. 
  • high SDA (stearidonic acid) provides even more EPA than is in the fish oil
  • high GLA (gamma linolenic acid) reduces inflammation
FACT:  our western Diet is characterized by an excess of Arachidonic Acid, an omega 6 fatty acid that causes inflammation.  GLA surpresses this inflammatory process. Read more about the Anti Inflammatory miracle that is Gamma Linolenic Acid
These Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) affect every cell in you body - from your hair and nails to your skin and everything inside.
  • EFAs are most often recommended for your heart.  They improve the HDL:LDL cholesterol levels, make your blood cells 'less sticky', improve your blood pressure, and generally improve your cardiovascular health.
  • EFA's are also of critical importance to your brain.  The DHA supports structure (the brain in Alzheimer's, for instance, has been shown to shrink).  The EPA affects function - how well are you thinking today?
  • EPA has been shown to improve Schizophrenia and Bipolar depression
  • Arthritis:  GLA, along with EPA and DHA, are particularly important.  GLA is anti inflammatory.  DHA helps prevent joint deformation.  EPA keeps everybody moving.
Did you know?
       It is critically important that pregnant and nursing mothers be supplemented with Ultra Omega-Linic.  This is because the rapidly developing baby will steal these important nutrients from her.  If her stores are low, the baby may not have enough of what it needs.  And mom is setting herself up for postpartum depression.  David Horrobin pointed out that a pregnant mom could lose up to 10% of her brain weight.

Did you know?
       Yes, you can use various oils, like Flax seed oil, and olive oil.  You can eat lots of nuts, like wonderful walnuts (and other fatty acid sources).  BUT (there always has to be a BUT), there is the problem of converting these 'parent' oils into the prostaglandins - which do the work at the cellular level.  There are metabolic enzyme steps along the way (they elongate the fatty acid chain).  For the very young, the very old, the very ill, these metabolic steps simply fail.  In addition, these enzyme steps require that specific vitamins and mineral be present.  if they are missing, no conversion takes place.  Download the EFA Flow Chart for more detail.        While your supermarket may sell products high in Omega 3, which is good, you really also need the PUFAs. For this reason it is important to provide the PREformed, polyUnsaturated, Essential Fatty Acids (Ultra Omega-Linic) and a good multi vitamin.  Ultra Vites provides the vitamins and minerals you must have to support the metabolic conversion to prostaglandins.

How Much Ultra Omega-Linic should you take?  And for how long?
       My sassy answer is that I don't eat fish 3 times a day - like the early Alaskans did.  I don't eat fish 3 times a week - and i may not eat it 3 times a month.  And if I do eat fish, it will be battered, deep fried and dredged in tartar sauce.  Bad me!

       Dr Jones recommends a minimum of two softgels of Ultra Omega-Linic per day for young, healthy people.  For those with any kind of Arthritis he recommends 8 per day.  Some folks have pain relief at a lower dose, and some need more.  The suggested dose for Ultra Vites is 2 per day.  Since they are both 'essential', they should be supplemented every day.

What is Ultra Omega-Linic good for?
       The short list is: heart (blood pressure and more), brain (senile dementia, Alzheimer's), skin, hair, pain (any kind of arthritis), energy, and just about anything else you can think of.  The need for this supplementation is supported by years and thousands of studies.

Does the fish matter?
       One study Dr Jones read several years ago indicated that a group of heart patients fed fish had a worsening of their condition.  Getting into the study he discovered that the group that did poorly was fed fish from one of the most contaminated parts of the ocean.  Ergo - the results were not surprising considering the amount of toxins delivered.  By the way, did you know that pregnant ladies in Hawaii are discouraged from eating the local fish?  Hmmmm...

Our very Pure and Contaminant FREE fish is assayed for pollutants and radiation.  In addition the fish protein is filtered out - hence no fishy burps.

If you were not sure: Myths, Misconceptions and Facts -  'Fats are Important to your Health'.

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