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Evidence Based Clinical Aromatherapy Materia Medica

NAME | Botanical Name | Brief look at Key Properties
  1. BERGAMOT FCF | Citrus aurantium var.bergamia  | cleansing, purifying, deodorant, calming, balancing, refreshing / bath, diffusor, skin and scalp care, lotions, spritzers
  2. CHAMOMILE Roman | Anthemis nobilis | antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, rejuvenative, nervine, soothing, restorative, wound healing, balancing / skin care, massage, inhalation, compress, sport blends, baths
  3. CINNAMON Bark | Cinnamomum cassia | antimicrobial, warming, anti-diarrheal, antidepressant (caution: skin sensitizer)
  4. CLARY SAGE |Salvia sclarea | antispasmodic, nervine, euphoric, sedative, estrogenic, deodorant / massage, compress (PMS), baths, skin care treatments
  5. EUCALYPTUS | Eucalyptus globulus | respirant, anti-infectious, rejuvenative, expansive, invigorating / diffusor, massage, inhalation, sport & cellulite blends, spritzers, liniments, chest rub
  6. FRANKINCENSE  | Boswellia carterii | anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cleansing, purifying, healing, rejuvenative, meditative, protective, replenishing, clarifying / fragrance, skin care treatments, inhalation, massage, lotions, baths, salves & ointments
  7. GERANIUM | Pelargonium graveolens | astringent, healing, cleansing, purifying, rejuvenative, balancing, insect repellant, hypotensive / skin care, fragrance, baths, diffusor, massage, lotions, spritzers
  8. GINGER Root | Zingiber officinale | anti-inflammatory, febrifuge, adrenal stimulant, cleansing, purifying, rubefacient, rejuvenative, tonic, aphrodisiac / dyspepsia, liniments, massage, sport & cellulite blends
  9. HELICHRYSUM | Helichrysum angustifolium, Helichrysum italicumOrganic  | “bumps and bruises eraser,” strong analgesic, rubefacient, purifying,  antispasmodic, rejuvenative, balancing, renewing / compress, massage, salves & ointments
  10. LAVENDER | Lavandula vera | anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, soothing, relaxing, balancing, wound healing, rejuvenative, anti-fungal / bath, inhalation, mouthwash, skin care, massage, sport blends, diffusor, spritzers, compress, lotions   NEW Study - Lavender for Menopausal flushing
  11. PEPPERMINTMentha piperita | stomachic, rubefacient, carminative, antispasmodic, toning, invigorating, energizing, balancing / dyspepsia, inhalation, mouthwash, compress, partial body massage, foot treatments, liniments, spritzers, sport blends, salves & ointments
  12. PETITGRAIN Bigarade | Citrus aurantium var. amara  | nervine, anti-depressant, antiperspirant, clarifying, refreshing / skin care, fragrance, bath, inhalation, massage, spritzers, diffusor, lotions
  13. ROSEMARY | Rosmarinus officinalis | detoxifying, treats muscle pain, gout, rheumatism, respiratory complaints, liver and gallbladder problems, fatigue, headache, colds and flu, insect repellent skin care: acne, dermatitis, bacterial and fungal infections
  14. TARRAGON | Artemisia dracunculus  | carminative, revitalizing, regulating, purifying, hormone balancing, anti-cancer / dyspepsia, compress, cellulite massage blends
  15. TEA TREE | Melaleuca alternifolia | Organic |  cleansing, purifying, balsamic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal  / scalp and skin care, inhalation, salves & ointments, diffusor, spritzers, compress, massage, mouthwash
  16. THYME | Thymus vulgaris, Thymus satureioides (Borneol) | respiratory complaints, asthma, cystitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, colds and flu, infectious diseases, muscle aches and pains skin care: insect bites, lice, scabies, bacterial and fungal infections (caution: Thymus vulgaris is a skin sensitizer - choose a low thymol chemotype such as Thyme Borneol or Thyme Linalool for skin application)
  17. YLANG YLANG  | Cananga odoranta genuina | Organic | regulative, hypotensive, balancing, aphrodisiac, euphoric / fragrance, skin care, massage, baths, lotions, spritzers, inhalation, fixative
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