Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nutrition For Troubled Eyes

If you can see this - be GRATEFUL! 

Preserve, Protect and Support your Eyes - those wonderful windows on the world. 

The eyes are specialized organs.  They exist as part of the body. They require the same broad-spectrum nutrients that the body needs.   It is very important that you support the marvelous biochemical factory called your body with daily coverage of ALL of its nutritional needs.

Ultra Vites  provides many of the nutrients that have been shown by studies to improve vision.   The body needs all of the ingredients in Ultra Vites in order to maintain health.  It contains 25 key nutrients, such as an optimal blend of all 8 of the B Vitamins.  Ultra Vites also contains macro and micro minerals in a bioavailable form.  It contains the anti oxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E which studies have shown protect the eye. 

In addition, the following nutrients in Ultra Vites have been shown to be important for various eye health concerns:
  • Vitamin A benefits (but not  beta carotene because it interferes with the xanthophylls): Prevent night blindness.  Prevent dry eye.  Prevent moderate to severe loss of color vision.
  • Vitamin D: studies have shown that the high intake of vitamin D lessened the chances of developing or slowed the progression of macular degeneration.  Another study showed an improvement in myopia when Vitamin D was  used with high doses of calcium
  • Folic acid and B12: these two vitamins play an active role in transmethylation, which is critical to proper macular function.
    Note:  Many people have a genetic inability to convert Folate and / or B12 into their active forms.  Using Ultra Vites ensures their availability.
  • Magnesium: 78% of all retinal cellular action requires magnesium.
  • Selenium has a long history of being a potent anti oxidant, and has been shown to be helpful in preventing macular degeneration
  • Zinc has been proven to decrease the incidence and progression of macular degeneration.
The most important and simplest way to protect your eyes is to use devices such as eye guards and sunglasses.  You should get regular eye check ups,  Note: the eye is one of the most demanding organs in the body.  Use Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals daily. 

Ultra Vision: provides Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin C:  These are nutrients that specifically support your Macula

VeinTonic: Since nutrients have to be pumped into the eye, Herbs that have been shown to protect the integrity of your veins should be considered.

Rutin:  Enjoy the many anti oxidant benefits of this powerful Bioflavonoid

A Basic Eye PackageUltra Omega-Linic (essential fatty acids), Ultra Vites (a super multi Vitamin) and Ultra Vision.  Save money with this combination of Essential Nutrients.

Spirulina Capsules   Earthrise Spirulina®  provides anti oxidants and phyto nutrients that are very helpful for vision.

Bilberry: Support your retina, improve night vision and prevent cataract formation - all in one herbal supplement.

Vitamin E-400: Vitamin E is one of the four (4) major anti oxidants that protect phospholips from oxidation at the cellular level.

A special note re: Dry Eye.  Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to be very helpful.  Check out our Best Omega Blend!

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