Sunday, July 24, 2016

Acne - Oh, NO! Not ANOTHER ZIT?

     Inflammation is a very large contributor to Acne problems.  Redness and soreness is made worse by these big dietary contributors:  Red meat, Milk, Bread and (most of all) Sugar!  Not what you thought it would be?  Say 'Hello' to Arachidonic Acid (ARA).

     At the same time you are enjoying your 6 cans of pop or candy bars or gallons of milk (and other milk products), you avoid oily fish and other beneficial fats in your diet.  It is a Fact: our Western diet is characterized by excesses, leaving behind a deficit of all the essential nutrients.

     Recent studies confirm what has long been suspected: Dairy Products & Sugar CAUSE Acne.

     Drugs and topical applications may make pimples temporarily disappear, but a change in diet is more effective and long lasting.

    Large clinical trials found that cow's milk (and dairy products) increased both the number of people who get acne - as well as the severity of the outbreaks.  High sugar intake (foods with a high glycemic index) had similar study results.  Milk has a high sugar content (lactose is a sugar).  Skim milk (low in fat) has a higher glycemic index than whole milk.

     All dairy products are high in many harmful hormones.  In particular, they increase the serum levels of testosterone and other androgens (male hormones).  These hormones contribute to Acne.  Dairy products also increase insulin levels.  Lactose milk sugar (not fat) stimulates insulin production which often leads to insulin resistance and type II diabetes.  In fact, a high sugar and refined carbohydrates diet, also known as a high-glycemic index diet, CAUSES  Acne.

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Fish oil supplementation sometimes makes acne better - but sometimes makes it worse.

John W Jones, MD, MPH has a theory about that.

     Fish oil products (and fatty, oily fish) provide omega 3 fatty acids (nick-named EPA and DHA).  These compete in the metabolic pathways and help lessen the inflammatory effects of AA.  In order to have a natural way to counteract the inflammatory effects of our Western diet we MUST add a supplement which provides both GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid) and fish oil.  The usual sources of GLA are Primrose Oil and Black Currant seed oil.   For Ultra Omega-Linic,   Black Currant seed oil was chosen because it has a higher amount of GLA by percent than does Oil of Evening Primrose.

     When you combine the modulation of inflammation from AA by adding EPA and DHA from fish oil with the ANTI inflammatory effect of GLA the improvement in Acne is impressive.

     Add Ultra Omega-Linic to your daily routine, cut back on milk, milk products and sugar for an Acne-clear,  beautiful complexion.

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