Friday, May 29, 2015

Do you have Pain? Do you know someone who has pain?

Be a hero to family & friends - you will love this all natural, powerful penetrating pain relief lotion.
Reviewed June 2016

We realize that nothing is more important to you than your family.   Imagine being able to provide them with effective, immediate pain relief - because we all get in trouble and need help.  No matter what lotion you use, you have the right to expect beneficial, immediate results.

You may not need prescription medications or over the counter pain relievers containing tylenol or NSAIDs to ease pain.   Our Opti-MSM Lotion Plus is a great lotion that effectively relieves joint pain, muscle pain, and pain from other causes - such as burns and bug bites!

Myth: all MSM Lotions are created equal.  

Not true - our unique and effective Opti-MSM Lotion Plus is a one-of-a-kind product.  It is formulated by talented, knowledgeable people.  It is enjoyed by many happy users.   Opti-MSM Lotion Plus is a luxurious lotion with many powerful healing ingredients.

Opti-MSM Lotion Plus has a long track record for its successful topical relief of pain.  It is safer than products containing medicines.  Unlike products that are made with Menthol, ours has a soothing and delightful fragrance.

Opti-MSM Lotion Plus has many uses and benefits:
  •     Chronic pain
  •     Acute pain
  •     Stiff joints
  •     Soothe the irritation and inflammation from psoriasis and eczema
  •     Calm anxiety, ease headaches, tone down tension and muscle spasm. 
  •     Relax - this massage lotion also has calming & uplifting Essential Oils, such as Tangerine
  •     Quell nerve pain from Shingles, rashes and neuropathies
  •     Get immediate relief from bug bites, burns and bruises
  •     Ease the sting of sunburn and speed healing
  •     Chapped or cracked skin can be smoothed
  •     Use it to smooth and soften scars
  •     Work miracles on aging, wrinkling, troubled skin
  •     Soothe sun and wind damaged skin
About the Arnica in Opti-MSM Lotion Plus. 
Arnica is known world-wide for it’s pain-relieving properties.  It is often used for rapid healing of bumps & bruises.   Skiers, mountain climbers and bikers (anyone who does anything physical) love it. This lotion not only has Arnica, it has many other ingredients to promote healing.

I have watched chiropractors work for over 40 years - my mom was a chiropractor - and I have received many chiropractic treatments over the same number of years from my mother and from many of the doctors I have had the pleasure of working with.

Mom actually used massage therapy as the foundation for her chiropractic treatments - helping muscles relax so bones slipped more easily back into place.  She used a previous (and very popular) version of our MSM Lotion.  This MSM Lotion was used in a hospital setting where massage therapy was used in conjunction with physical therapy to benefit injured nurses where medication was not appropriate.   And the therapists loved it because their hands didn’t hurt at the end of the day.

As a result of this exposure I have personally learned about the benefits of Opti-MSM Lotion Plus, which is formulated to target pain.  It is especially beneficial for the pain of arthritis in small joints, wrist and knees, ankles and feet.  Several people I know rely on it for relief of their neck and back pain.  Both the original MSM Lotion (with Arnica) and our prsent product were formulated by our Nutritional Consultant, John W Jones, MD, MPH.  PS- The MPH stands for Masters in Public Health.

What makes up the Plus in Opti-MSM Lotion Plus?  Well, besides the MSM and Arnica, our lotion includes 100% pure and genuine essential oils recommended by Annemarie Buhler.  Mrs. Buhler was highly respected world-wide as a pioneer in phytotherapy and aromatherapy.
  • She held a California State Board of Pharmacy Certificate
  • She was the Chairman of the Board of the first American Aromatherapy Association (AATA) founded in 1987
  • She founded the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute in 1992,
  • and the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center (EIMC) in 2004. 
  • Known internationally for her skill and dedication to phyto-aromatherapy, Mrs. Buhler was selected in 1993 as the U.S. delegate to the International Conference for Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy held in Tunisia, Africa.
As a result of her contributions we have a really great topical pain relieving lotion that also happens to be a superb anti aging skin care product.

Here are just some of the properties of the 100% pure and genuine Essential Oils that are in Opti-MSM Lotion Plus.
  • Peppermint Oil - Offers pain relief better than menthol, and smells MUCH better, too.  Rub on temples to relieve a headache, rub on the neck to relieve neck pain - got other sore spots?.
  • Tangerine Oil - Calming and Uplifting.  It also kills bacteria and stimulates the building of new cells.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - Known to disinfect wounds and soothe the pain of cold sores.
  • Natural Vitamin E - is good for scars, acne, spots and other skin lesions - well, you know.

Did you know this about MSM? 

It can beautify and rejuvenate skin!   Besides its well-known pain relieving qualities, it promotes healthy-looking (and healthy) skin that is soft, well hydrated and bright (the ladies love it).

Here are more ingredients that make this lotion great for your skin:
  1. Coconut oil has many skin benefits - among them are its anti fungal, anti viral and antiBiotic properties.
  2. Monoi de Tahita (Gardenia flowers) is also known as ‘the best skin and body care oil in the world’.  Some claim that it is superior to Shea butter and Jojoba oil.
  3. Essential Amino Acids.  These, and all the healing nutrients in Opti-MSM Lotion Plus, are carried through the skin by MSM.  This produces the maximum health and healing effect in your body.
  4. Boswellia. (fabled Frankincense) was added for its pain relieving properties.  It has anti skin cancer properties.  Frankincense has been used more recently to treat basal cell carcinoma of the skin.
As a consequence of the unique ingredients in Opti-MSM Lotion Plus, we have a luscious lotion with powerful healing benefits - due in no small part to the unique aromatherapy ingredients. 

Try it the next time you reach for lotion - especially if you want drug-FREE topical .pain relief

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