Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For December: Does your immune system need a boost?

Check out these special Virus defense packages
  1. Keep your body defenses operating at their peak with all the essential nutrients.  Our Basic Package includes UltraVites and Ultra Omega-Linic.
  2. Our Virus Plus Package contains the products you need in the event of virus exposure which renders you unable to function.
  3. The BASIC package

    Ultra Vites contains 25 of the nutrients you need the most (vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants).   We are deficient in most of them without supplementation.

    It is common knowledge that we all need nutritional supplementation; but do you know why that is?  Studies have shown that in order to meet the minimum daily requirements, one must consume at least 1100 calories of nutrient dense foods.  None of these calories can come from “naked calories” such as sugar.  This means that a person on a 1000 calorie diet cannot meet the minimum daily requirements, much less the optimal levels, without supplementation.  Ultra Vites is formulated so as to provide daily supplementation which exceed the RDIs.

    Ultra Omega-Linic - better than just fish oil

    You know that Fish Oil has been recommended for many health conditions and concerns.   But do you know:
    • "Essential" fatty acids means 'You HAVE TO HAVE THEM"
    • Eating Fish Daily is not a regular part of our Western Diets
    • Besides fish oil we provide Black Currant Seed oil.  This provides GLA (which is anti inflammatory) and SDA (for more EPA)
    • When all of the pre formed essential fatty acids are present (as in Ultra Omega-Linic), the effect is more powerful
    • Our Alaska fish oil comes from pristine protected waters
    • Our fish oil has been filtered, so there is no fish protein - and no Burps!

    • It is best if these nutrients are a part of your daily nutrition so they can keep your defenses up, but they are critical if you are ill.

      A VIRUS PLUS package - defend yourself in the event of exposure or provide support when you are ill.
      This critical combination contains 4 products with known anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits.  Ultra 4x6 Probiotic, Ultra Monolaurin, Ultra Elderberry Plus and Argiletz French Green Illite Clay.

      Your GI Tract has more exposure to the outside environment than does your skin.  In addition, the use of antibiotics destroys the good and necessary bacteria along with the bad ones.   Ultra 4x6 Probiotic acts in your defense and supports your immune system

      Ultra Monolaurin and Ultra Elderberry Plus are often used together to provide support to the very young, the very old and the very ill - those most at risk in the event of exposure - especially given some of the infections that respond poorly to conventional treatment.

      Some viruses produce diarrhea which is difficult to control and which can be life threatening.   Healing clays (like Argiletz Green Illite Clay) have been used for centuries for problems of the GI Tract.  It helps pull toxins out of the colon while re-mineralizing the tissue.

      Yes, there are many other supplements that can be considered at this time of year, but we feel these two packages offer maximum protection and support.  Start here. 

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