Monday, July 28, 2014

Fats and Fatty Acids and EFAs; Myths, Misconceptions and Facts

Fats and Fatty Acids are Essential to Your Health! You have Questions about Fats and your Health?
  • Is it true that fats are bad for you?
  • Doesn't eating fat make you fat?
  • Is it true that we must have essential fatty acids in our diets?
  • What are PUFAs?
  • Is there a difference (as far as the body is concerned) between flax seed oil and fish oil?
Information for your health from Nutrition Pure and Simple - by Marilyn Sidwell (with help from John Jones, MD).  Reviewed June 2016

The answers to these questions plus other facts will help you understand the importance of Fat and Fatty Acids in your life!

Many Health problems arise from the 'Fat is Bad' Dietary Approach.  Because we have to eat 'something' if we stop eating fats and fatty foods, we have skewed our diets by increasing our carbohydrate intake.  This has led to some very bad results, like obesity and Diabetes.

Some fats, like coconut oil and olive oil are very beneficial.  Other fatty acids, like fish oil, contribute necessary 'essential' metabolites to the body.  These fatty acids produce prostaglandins, which work at the cellular level.  For instance, fish oil is often recommended for heart conditions and arthritis.  But did you know that it is also very helpful for Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia

We have combined two ingredients - Black Currant seed oil and Wild Alaskan Salmon fish oil - to provide you with a very special and unique product called Ultra Omega-Linic.  This means it presents an Optimal combination of Pre Formed, Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.   The addition of Black Currant seed oil adds the PUFA called GLA.  Its anti-inflammatory benefits enhance the effects of Fish Oil.  It has 
  • a high level of EPA for body and brain function,
  • DHA for body and brain structure, and
  • GLA to support EPA and DHA. 
During pregnancy and lactation, mothers need these Essential Fatty Acids in order to provide them to the baby for the development of its brain and retina.  The baby will take them from the mother, which could lead to problems for her, such as post partum depression.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nutrition For Troubled Eyes

If you can see this - be GRATEFUL! 

Preserve and Support your Vision - those wonderful windows on the world. 

Reviewed June 2016

The eyes are specialized organs that exist in the body. They require the same broad-spectrum nutrients that the body needs.   It is very important that you support the marvelous biochemical factory called your body with daily coverage of ALL of its nutritional needs.

The eye is one of the most demanding organs in the body.  The most important and simplest way to
support the eyes as one goes through life is to use devices such as eye guards and sunglasses,
get regular eye check ups and include Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals,  Support for your macula and Vitamin E on a daily basis.

Ultra Vision: Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin C:  These are nutrients that specifically support your Macula

VeinTonic: Since nutrients have to be pumped into the eye, Herbs that have been shown to protect the integrity of your veins should be considered.

Rutin:  Enjoy the many anti oxidant benefits of Bioflavonoid

A Basic Eye PackageUltra Omega-Linic (essential fatty acids), Ultra Vites (a super multi Vitamin) and Ultra Vision.  Save money with this combination of Essential Nutrients.

Ultra Preventive (without or with Iron):  The Spirulina in this very special Multiple Vitamin and Mineral formula contributes many nutrients including anti oxidants and phyto nutrients that are very helpful for vision.

Bilberry: Support your retina, improve night vision and prevent cataract formation - all in one herbal supplement.

Vitamin E-400: Vitamin E is one of the four (4) major anti oxidants that protect phospholips from oxidation at the cellular level. 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

What is Libido? Can you have more of it?

Libido is loosely defined as sex drive.  Originally (from the latin) it was defined as 'desire' or 'lust'.

With the advent of drugs like Viagra, the term has come to represent the sexual performance of the male.  Alas, there is no 'Viagra' for women.

In reality the sex drive is determined by a number of factors.  Despite the fact that psychological and social factors play a large part, the bottom line is that we are discussing the physical activity of both the man and the woman.

You should be aware that your sex drive is also affected by your age (testosterone and all hormone levels decline with age), your medical condition and (perhaps more importantly) by medications you may be taking.  We always urge you to read the information from the pharmacist listing the side effects of all your drugs. 

One of the more important ways to improve your libido is by the use of Essential Fatty acids (prostaglandin precursors).  Prostaglandin was first isolated from seminal fluid (from the prostate gland) in 1935 by a Swedish physiologist (bet you didn't know that).

Since that time the investigation into these active hormone-like lipid compounds has been very intense.  One effect of prostaglandins is the regulation of contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle tissue.  For this reason fish oil has been widely promoted for heart health.  We encourage the use of Ultra Omega-Linic because it includes the omega 6 as well as the omega 3
preformed long chain essential Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.    The 'side effects' of taking Ultra Omega-Linic include a healthy heart, a healthy brain, less trouble with arthritis, shiny hair, glowing skin, and a healthy 'libido'.

A number of herbs are said to provide a 'natural' alternative to viagra.  One discussion I read said that a particular herb was a good alternative - provided you spent lots of money to buy the very pure form, and you took lots of it.  Another discussion stated that no herbs do what Viagra does.  But what if you don't want to take the drug?

We have 2 herbal products that merit your consideration.  PhytoAmore capsules and PhytoAmore Oil.  The oil is suitable for full body massage, yet gentle enough for sensitive areas.  What could be more exciting than that?  The capsules should be taken daily, as well as 2 hours before intimacy.

And feedback from those who have used it (men & women) has been - well - very satisfactory. 

These approaches are a lot more fun with better 'side effects' for men and women.

Get Your Love Back!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.