Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nutritional Support for Autoimmune Disorders

As posted in the previous blog, a number of recent studies have looked at the relationship between the health of the GI tract and Autoimmune Disorders (AD).  The studies considered various probiotic organisms in the treatment of a variety of ADs.  As you may know, there are a great many of them - and they really interfere with your life.  The studies did have mixed results, but the most successful seemed to incorporate a variety of organisms.

Our Ultra 4x6 Probiotic contains 4 billion CFU and 6 strains of organisms.  Using this product may protect against the development of, or lessen the effects of your disorder.

Our Nutritional Consultant is John W Jones, MD, MPH.  For many years he has urged his patients to follow his Basic Nutritional recommendations.  He considers his Essential Fatty Acid formulation, Ultra Omega-Linic, to be essential for all inflammatory conditions.  For those with AD, it is also very important for cellular health.  In addition it supports neurological structure and function.  Remember, the body has to have these fatty acids, it cannot make them, and they are lacking in our diets

A really good, well formulated multi vitamin and mineral product, such as Ultra Vites, is necessary to keep your marvelous biochemical factory in good operating condition.  In addition, specific nutrients are necessary fatty acid metabolism. 

If your doctor diagnosed an Autoimmune Disorder and you would like to consider non-medical, non-surgical alternatives, consider our recommendations.

We feature Nutritional Support for Autoimmune Conditions - based on studies 

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