Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Got the Winter Skin blues?

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Reviewed June 2016

DermaClear Starter Pack

Clinically proven botanicals that offer help for blemished skin.  It is especially effective for those troubled by Acne.

6 GREAT Products
1. DermaClear Lotion with PROVEN natural ingredients
2. DermaClear Capsules - an Endobiogenic Concept Herbal Formula
3. Seaweed Soap Free Cleanser - a refreshing way to clean your skin.
4. Bamboo Polish - use each morning
5. DermaClear Toner (new product) - Spritz Morning & Evening
6. Argiletz Green Illite Clay - Twice a week mix with floral water for great facial mask

DermaCalm Starter Pack Care for the WHOLE body.  Soothe and Moisturize Sensitive, Irritated or Inflamed Skin

5 GREAT Products
1. Lavender Plus Cleanser - a soothing, cleansing creme
2. DermaCalm Toner - a soothing, hydrating elixir
3. DermaCalm Shave Gel - for an excellent glide with a soothing finish.  Early reports on this new product say that it works really well on VERY sensitive skin.
4. DermaCalm Lotion - head-to-toe relief for sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin - A VERY popular product.
5. DermaCalm Intensive Night Creme (new) - a soothing, hydrating and wrinkle-reducing complex.

Reversal Starter Pack
Anti-Aging Skin Care with Advanced Skin Resurfacing

5 GREAT Products
1. Elderberry Cleansing Mousse for all skin types, especially dry, flacky, devitalized and imbalanced skin
2. Vanilla-Tea Toner will soothe and soften your skin, promote skin repair and enhance hydration.
3. NightTime Total Complex to naturally restore and replenish your skin while you sleep
4. Reversal Advanced Wrinkle Cream - resurface your skin without cosmetic surgery.
5. Reversal Eye Gel - now here is a real Anti-Aging benefit

Fast Adi Starter Pack

Are you suffering skin after-effects of your winter vacation?  We offer fast help for common skin irritations, sunbury and skin inflammation.

4 GREAT Products
1. DermAid for common skin irritations, burns, scratches or bites
2. After Sun Repair offers serious relief from the heat and pain of sunburn and skin inflammation
3. Everlast - fast, dramatic responder for bumps and bruises
4. Phyto-Flex Treatment - a natural pain-relieving lotion with MSM, Capsicum and Arnica

A Basic Package: Ultra Vites and Ultra Omega-Linic
For Inside-Out Health, and Skin Maintenance.  Young-Looking Skin has cells that are plump and water-filled.  Healthy cell membranes hold water and nutrients IN, while allowing waste products OUT.  Ultra Vites and Ultra Omega-Linic work at the basic cellular level to maintain Optimal Health.

2 GREAT Products
1. Ultra Vites.  An Exceptional Multi
2. Ultra Omega-Linic.  Fish Oil Extraordinaire


Skin Soft and Beautiful

Your Skin deserves the BEST care - and People WILL Notice

2 GREAT Products
1. Calm Body Wash - NON-Soap, pH Balanced, Natural Ingredients
2. Hydrating Body Lotion - penetrates the skin for all day hydrating and Skin-Softening

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