Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Skin Tears, Dry Skin, Bruising, Wrinkles

Dr Jones found a study that discussed the problems of aging skin - especially the large number of skin tears and severe bruising that plague residents of nursing homes.  Skin tears and bruising is an even greater problem for those in wheel chairs and those prone to falls.

Based on information from Fleck, C. A. (2007). FAQs: Preventing and treating skin tears.  Advances in skin and wound care.  Journal for Prevention and Healing. 20(6), 315-321. 

As has been stated in a number of studies, as skin ages it becomes thinner and the resulting dry skin makes it more prone to trauma (from even mild bumps).  The use of soap with chemical surfactants and long hot bathing further damages the skin   As you might imagine, older skin heals more slowly.  Well, older folks have more health issues and any healing is slower just because...  What eveyone worries about is wrinkles.  They are the most obvious sign that the skin is in trouble.

The study showed that advanced skin care products that possess nutritients and antioxidants can provide nourishment through the skin topically - even if the patient or resident is not receiving adequate nutrition from oral, enteral, or parenteral nutrition.  The study showed a reduction in skin tears from 180 down to 2 tears in a 6 month period.  The facility used a special skin care line which provided pH balanced, soap free, chemical surfactant free, and substances specially designed to nourish and support aged skin.

While we don't know what skin care line and soap-free cleansers were used in this study, Nutrition Pure and Simple provides a number of skin care products which benefit problem skin of all kinds, and aging skin in particular.  Dr Jones and I have the added advantage of caring for our own aging skin and seeing the improvement in our skin tearing and bruising.  There are 2 products in particular (Calm Body Wash and Hydrating Body Lotion) that greatly improve the quality of the skin.  A 3rd product, Dermacalm, has an excellent track record of providing relief for troubled skin (it is our best selling skin care product)

Introducing Salon & Spa - 'Products from Nature's Lab'

It's our business to help replenish, repair and protect your skin

Calm Body Wash
for Head To Toe Bathing (it leaves the hair soft & shiny, too)

Our Calm Body Wash features a gentle cleansing system naturally derived from coconut oil,  safflower oil and amino acids.  It contains an expert blend of plant extracts including Seaweed, Aloe, Ginkgo, Yucca, Fig, Gotu Kola and Indian Balsam.  These leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and with a healthy glow.  A synergistic blend of pure essential oils, including French Lavender, calms, balances and soothes your senses.

This pH balanced body wash is soap-free with NO chemical surfactants.

Hydrating Body Lotion
with Mango Butter and Green Tea Extract

Hydrating Body Lotion contains a high concentration of humectants and moisturizers which efficiently penetrate the skin for all day hydrating and skin softening. Skin rejuvenating rosemary extract combines with the cleansing, emollient properties of Citrus aurantium dulcis and mango butter.

The aloe vera gel in Hydrating Body Lotion contains complex amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which hydrate and promote healing. Tiare flowers are soaked in golden liquid coconut extract for the unique antifungal, skin protectant properties of coconut nucifera oil and gardenia tahitensis. The antioxidant and nourishing properties of green tea and algae extracts, panthenol, vitamins A, D, & E, and essential oils of lavender, rosewood, and grapefruit, make the Hydrating Body Lotion an exceptionally refreshing, hydrating full body lotion.

Apply immediately following bath or shower.  You can reapply it as needed

Dermacalm Lotion
for troubled skin

Benefit #1 - Monolaurin, which is a distillate of coconut oil, adds anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti fungal benefits to this unique lotion.  It was originally formulated to soothe stressed, irritated or inflamed skin and should be considered for Eczema, Roseacea, Psoriasis and problems such as Dermatitis

DermaCalm contains several ingredients that studies have shown to have positive effects: 
  1. Rovisome Sensitive® showed anti inflammatory effects almost as strong as hydrocortisone
  2. Sepicalm S® specifically inhibits the main mediators responsible for irritation when the skin is under stress.  Its free radical scavenging, anti-elastase, anti-hyaluronidase, and anti-lipoxygenase activities have been proven in vitro. Its anti-stress activity against solar irritation, mechanical irritation, and chemical irritation have also been proven in vivo.  It is soothing, moisturizing, antiinflammatory and antioxidant.
  3. Monolaurin is a mid chain fatty acid shown to possess antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.   Recent technology makes this a highly pure and extremely effective addition to the formula. 
  4. Coconut oil has many benefits.   Its' small molecules let it penetrate the skin where it can heal and protect.  It also fights microbes that might arrive there.  Since it is high in Vitamin E, it also is highly nourishing. 
This creme will soothe and moisturize irritated skin, including psoriasis, eczema.

Users have reported it is a great anti-wrinkle lotion.

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