Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obesity and associated diseases

Reviewed June 2016

You will be shocked!  You will be Amazed!  They proved what we already knew...

If you lack 'good' bacteria in your intestines you are more prone to obesity and associated diseases.  If your intestines are rich in a variety of flora you are less likely to suffer from these types of health problems:
  • Diabetes, 
  • high Cholesterol, 
  • Heart disease - 
  • or be obese.  
 This from a recent study published in the journal Nature by Stanislas Dusko Ehrlich of France's National Institute  for Agricultural Research.

Home grown yogurt is known to provide lacto bacillus, but you can't be sure of store-bought.  And milk is a problem for many of us.  But a quality probiotic with a variety of organisms, such as our Ultra 4x6 Probiotic, is an important consideration for all of us - especially if we have any of the above diagnoses, or a family history of same.

How to Kill Off your good Bacteria

A course of antibiotics will kill all bacteria indiscriminately, and  diarrhea will flush them out.  Symptoms of GI distress should be cause for grabbing a bottle and putting in the good guys.  Look for one with at least 6 different bacterial species.

Read about the link between probiotics and autoimmune disease.

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