Thursday, July 28, 2016


An Excerpt from Dr Jones' Nutritional Protocol | Athletes - Performance, Injuries & High Energy Activities.

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BEWARE: Name Changes are made to fool you!

Aspartame seems to be especially dangerous for young athletes, high energy persons, and those drinking ‘diet’ pop.  Aspartame breakdown products release norepinephrine, epinephrine dopamine, and free methanol.   Aspartame fosters other problems, such as excessive insulin release.  Aspartame adversely affects previously well individuals, such as pilots, drivers and athletes.

H.J. Roberts, MD, FACP, FCCP, wrote a paper wherein he highlights the many athletes who are dropping dead.  Aspartame can and does interact with medications as well as with other natural substances.  Be wary!

“Over 460,000 people annually die of a disorder called sudden cardiac death” (CDC statistic).  This condition strikes otherwise healthy people who have experienced no obvious symptoms of heart disease prior to their abrupt deaths.  This includes an alarming number of young athletes and professional athletes.  A mechanism has been proposed ... the excitotoxin damage caused by food additives and aspartame is ignored, despite growing evidence that excitotoxin plays a major role in cardiac disease.

Low magnesium, high calcium, low fatty acids plus excitotoxins under conditions of strenuous exercise, especially in extreme heat, along with the use of carbonated drinks, leads to a deadly result. 

Young people live on junk foods, and several studies have shown that the levels of excitotoxic additives in this food is equal to those that cause damage in experimental animals.  Humans are 5 times more sensitive to these toxins than any animal.

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Aspartame has a new name: AminoSweet.

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